JaSMiN 3D Color Changer

JaSMiN 3D Color Changer

JaSMIN 3D Color Changer 4 is very helpful in changing the Windows default look
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The JaSMIN 3D Color Changer 4 is very useful and powerful software for users who have become tired of watching the regular default look of their Windows operating system. The 3D Color Changer software provides the user a power and capability to alter and customize the User Interface of Windows easily and quickly. The main advantage of using the software is that it can provide the user access to all elements of Windows from dialog box and message box to even smaller elements such as tooltips. The user can easily customize the display of his windows and make the combination suited better to his style and comfort. The software also contains a built-in color capture tool that can capture the color of a pixel from the current screen that is useful while customizing the user interface. The main advantage of the software is its easy-to-use and intuitive user interface. The users can also save a color scheme for themselves and load it afterwards when needed. The panel interface saves the interface from being over-crowded and retains the simplicity of the software.

Neeraj Joshi
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  • Very simple interface
  • Built-in color capture tool


  • Does not provide appealing color schemes
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